Saturday, May 2, 2009

AROUND SPACE: Better than Disney World

Some galleries still adhere to the white cube convention of exhibiting art. Around Space gallery embraces the beat-up walls, chipped tiles, and dilapidated ceilings of the two spaces that house their art within the 696 Weihai Lu enclave. At #108, Building 11, they've hammered together shapes made of unfinished drywall to use as display units, while the walls are literally falling down at #202, Building 9. This gallery doesn't take themselves too seriously and is a place run by art lovers, for art lovers.

I heart Around Space.

Tilt-a-Whirl at #108, Building 11
Photo courtesy of bound*ed

Geometric display units at #108, Building 11
Photo courtesy of bound*ed

Work shown on crumbled external walls at #202, Building 9
Photo courtesy of bound*ed

New Residency Program : Art Plant in Tokyo

Art Plant: Guidelines for Applicants
(artists from overseas)

Sayama ‘green island’ (a nature protected park located in SAYAMA Hills, HIGASHIYAMATO city, Tokyo)
TORIYAMA restaurant (Japanese Restaurant )

24th Sept. – 13th Oct. 2009


Art exhibition in the woods or in some buildings around Higashiyamato city.
Making artworks in the style of Workshop with resident around there, especially with children.

Through the mixture of art and natural objects, we describe the importance of harmony in our daily lives.

Given the chance to create some art with a professional, foreign artist among children, parents, and young Japanese artists, we hope to bring to our neighborhood a new way to communicate with each other and bring new understandings into the lives of all the people involved in the project.

a) Be involved with contemporary art, or other art making.
b) Be able to produce one artwork during working period.

a) be able to lead community life with the other invited artists.
b) be able communicate with the people living in this area.
c) be able to speak and understand either English or Japanese daily conversation.
d) be able to correspond to the schedule: the execution, the exchange events and so on.
e) be in good health.

5 artists

Travel expenses: Artist will pay the Airfare and transportation between Narita and Tamagawajosui St.(Seibu Shinjuku line)
We arrange the transportation between Tamagawajosui St. and the place where you stay.
Living allowance: The organizer will provide the accommodation, and local transportation during the stay. The meal will be provided for 10days (the days stated for work)
If Artist require something especially, he/she will pay it.
Material expenses: Artist will pay. (We will provide some bamboos, which grow in Sayama ‘green island’, if it is needed.)
Insurance: The artist should be covered by one’s own travel insurance (for injury and sickness) for the duration of residence. The organizer will have nothing to do with insurance for the Artist
About Working, Exhibition, and the Exchange program
a) Fire in the park is not permitted. If the process of your work involves fire, please consult with one of the organizers.
b) Artist must not give severe damage to the plants of Sayama ‘green island’.
c) Artist must not cover the walkways by your artwork.
d)Artists will have some co-working staffs to help you when you are making work.
(The residents will join and experience your work, so please explain clearly how they can help in your planning.)
e) Artist must not make the artwork which is against public order, standards of decency, and injures the audience.
f) Artist must not make the artwork remarkably political and religious.

1. Please send a mail to Office 339 at
2. We will send you an application form and a planning form.

Closing Date: 2009/06/30


An Unacknowledged Artist (2008), oil on canvas
130 x 110 cm

On Exhibit Now

The Shanghai Gallery of Art is pleased to present Alter Ego, a solo exhibition by Ouyang Chun with a selection of nineteen oil paintings from 2007 to 2009. Alter Ego exhibits a series of oil paintings that speak of the daily frustrations, pain and delight of our existence. Delving into the psychological nuances of a creative individual becomes the subject matter for his self-portraits and depictions of imaginary episodes that are emblematic of the complexity and richness of a generation of young painters currently based in Beijing. For Ouyang Chun, “What I am trying to capture in my paintings are fragments of my life. The meaning does not lie within the artwork but its ability to say something from the heart. What is important is not the painting but an ability to feel one’s life.”

Ouyang Chun was born in 1974 in Beijing. He graduated from the Department of Art Education of Xi’an Academy of Fine Art, Xi’an, in 1995. Considered as one of the most prominent artists of the young generation (the 1970s), Ouyang Chun currently lives and works in Beijing.

For more information, please contact the Shanghai Gallery of Art:

Address: 3rd Floor, No.3 on the Bund
By email:
By telephone: 86-21-63215757, 86-21-63233355 *, 86-21-63234549

Installation view
Photo courtesy of Shanghai Gallery of Art

Installation view
Photo courtesy of Shanghai Gallery of Art

Text from Shanghai Gallery of Art.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Grand Opening : Bamboo ArtSPACE

Grand Opening May 9th from 6 to 9 pm

1918 ArtSPACE is opening Bamboo ArtSPACE, their second gallery located at Moganshan Road No. 20, Building 8. The 400 sqm space is on the lane just east of the M50 art district.

This new art space, dedicated to all types of contemporary art and culture-related events, exhibitions and performances, and located right next to the M50 Art District, will open its doors on May 9th, 2009 hosting the first solo show in Shanghai of New-pop Korean artist Kwon, Ki-Soo.

Untitled 1 (2008), acrylic on canvas
130 x 130 cm

For more info and for high-resolution pictures, please contact Bamboo ArtSPACE:

By e-mail:
By phone: + 86 13818789932 or + 86 21 62769100