Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Residency Program : Art Plant in Tokyo

Art Plant: Guidelines for Applicants
(artists from overseas)

Sayama ‘green island’ (a nature protected park located in SAYAMA Hills, HIGASHIYAMATO city, Tokyo)
TORIYAMA restaurant (Japanese Restaurant )

24th Sept. – 13th Oct. 2009


Art exhibition in the woods or in some buildings around Higashiyamato city.
Making artworks in the style of Workshop with resident around there, especially with children.

Through the mixture of art and natural objects, we describe the importance of harmony in our daily lives.

Given the chance to create some art with a professional, foreign artist among children, parents, and young Japanese artists, we hope to bring to our neighborhood a new way to communicate with each other and bring new understandings into the lives of all the people involved in the project.

a) Be involved with contemporary art, or other art making.
b) Be able to produce one artwork during working period.

a) be able to lead community life with the other invited artists.
b) be able communicate with the people living in this area.
c) be able to speak and understand either English or Japanese daily conversation.
d) be able to correspond to the schedule: the execution, the exchange events and so on.
e) be in good health.

5 artists

Travel expenses: Artist will pay the Airfare and transportation between Narita and Tamagawajosui St.(Seibu Shinjuku line)
We arrange the transportation between Tamagawajosui St. and the place where you stay.
Living allowance: The organizer will provide the accommodation, and local transportation during the stay. The meal will be provided for 10days (the days stated for work)
If Artist require something especially, he/she will pay it.
Material expenses: Artist will pay. (We will provide some bamboos, which grow in Sayama ‘green island’, if it is needed.)
Insurance: The artist should be covered by one’s own travel insurance (for injury and sickness) for the duration of residence. The organizer will have nothing to do with insurance for the Artist
About Working, Exhibition, and the Exchange program
a) Fire in the park is not permitted. If the process of your work involves fire, please consult with one of the organizers.
b) Artist must not give severe damage to the plants of Sayama ‘green island’.
c) Artist must not cover the walkways by your artwork.
d)Artists will have some co-working staffs to help you when you are making work.
(The residents will join and experience your work, so please explain clearly how they can help in your planning.)
e) Artist must not make the artwork which is against public order, standards of decency, and injures the audience.
f) Artist must not make the artwork remarkably political and religious.

1. Please send a mail to Office 339 at
2. We will send you an application form and a planning form.

Closing Date: 2009/06/30

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