Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artist Residency near Shanghai | The Pottery Workshop

The Pottery Workshop welcomes international artists to experience life in Jingdezhen, one hour's flight from Shanghai. We’ll give you the chance to explore traditional Chinese methods of ceramics production in a comfortable studio with modern facilities.

The residential studio program includes:
* 24-hour access to our air-conditioned studio
* Excellent facilities, including a glaze laboratory, use of electric wheel, work table, tools, bats, and boards
* Studio assistants who help with introducing you to Jingdezhen, translating, and solving technical problems.
* Full room and board. Lunch and dinner are served every day except Sundays.
* Accommodation includes flush toilets, hot shower, air-conditioned rooms, regular cleaning service, and free wireless broadband Internet.

Fees and Other Costs
The cost of the residential studio program is Rmb2400/week. You should prepare for other costs such as firing fees and materials.

When to Come
The studio is busiest in the Spring and Fall, when the weather is fair. Summer is hot, but our air-conditioned studios are quite comfortable. Winter is our slowest season. Learn more about Jingdezhen’s average and current weather.

The studio is open all year except for one month during the Chinese New Year (around the month of February).

The Pottery Workshop
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 9:00AM-5:00PM CST to answer your questions.
Telephone: (86798) 8440582 (86798) 8440628
Fax: (86798) 8440585
Address: 139 East Xinchang Lu, Jingdezhen, China 333001

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