Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shanghai Artist Battle

Dyce Productions is bringing the Artist Battle (cousin of Rap Battle and Yo Momma Battle) to Shanghai.

The artist battle is a competition in which visual artists of any medium and genre are welcome to participate. Artists compete against one another by fabricating art in a live performance for cash prizes. The attending audience judges the competition by voting for their favorite artist(s).

Come get involved! Fine art as entertainment!
Artists will have three(3) hours –AND ONLY 3 HOURS!!!- to complete their entire piece of artwork.

The Battle will be on Friday October 22, 2010 from 8-11pm (artists should arrive at least an hour early to get set up) The winners will be announced at midnight.

Thirty local artists will “battle” for a ¥2000 grand prize. Each artist has 3 hours to complete an original piece of artwork to be judged by audience votes.

What kind of artwork? Any medium the artist chooses to use. Ice sculpture, junk sculpture, painting, culinary arts, body painting, folk art, and more! The possibilities are only limited by the artists’ creativity.

This unique event is the first time that programming of this sort has been done in Shanghai. The placement within an urban neighborhood will showcase the raw potential of both the artists, and the success of The Bund redevelopment. With a little ‘out of the box’ thinking ‘Artist Battle’ works to promote The Bund as a vibrant place for creativity, community, and culture.

1st place prize is ¥2000rmb, 2nd is ¥750, and 3rd place is ¥250.
The entry cost for artists is ¥100rmb. This is what constitutes the prize money.

When: October 22, 8 to 11pm
Where: House of Roosevelt at No.27 on The Bund

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